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This Index for the Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers blog posts from the outset in 2012 is organised in reverse chronological order. Access to specific subjects is best done by a keyword search using Ctrl-F. Alternatively, use the search box at the top of every page in this blog. The tag cloud in the sidebar shows those post tags that have been used most often. Browsing all posts on this single page also is possible.


AASLH ‘Small is Mighty’ Idea Misses the Point About Burnout

December 28, 2020: In response to commentary by the American Association for State & Local History President and CEO, this post provides critical analysis of the lack of attention paid to the human resource crisis in the heritage field resulting from chronic workplace stress and burnout that is not being successfully managed. . . Continue reading

Improved Access to Previous Posts

September 25, 2020: Access to the Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers blog analyses & strong recommendations for improving working conditions in the museum field has now been substantially improved. . . Continue reading

Participate in a Research Study About Working Conditions in Museums

August 18, 2020: Important opportunity to participate in academic research on working conditions in museums. . . Continue reading


Reactions to “Ballooning Expectations”

December 14, 2019: Cross-promotions of the 2 most recent blog posts Ballooning Expectations” & “Background on Problematic Standards” have generated commentaries on other … Continue reading →

Ballooning Expectations: The Human Costs of Aspirations for Small Museum “Soaring”

November 30, 2019: We need to critically analyse the impact of professional museum standards on the professionals who have to put them into practice given the extensive content &—significantly—the nature of the standards undifferentiated by size of museum in question, especially under the chronic under-funding of human and other resources available to small museums to put them into practice. Continue reading →

Background on Problematic Standards for Small Museums (for future application)

November 13, 2019: An overview of the difficulties small museums encounter when confronted with ever-increasing expectations arising from professional standards. Continue reading →

Decent Museum Working Conditions Essential for Decent Pay

October 31, 2019: A link is provided to the full text of blogger Paul C. Thistle’s chapter “Decent Working Conditions are Essential for Decent Compensation” just published in the 2019 book For Love or Money: Confronting the State of Museum Salaries. Continue reading →

Can the Labour of Museum Workers be ‘Afforded’ Appropriate Value?

September 12, 2019: Introducing a new book, For Love or Money, this post outlines Paul C. Thistle’s chapter arguing that, irrespective of how high museum salaries and hourly wages can be raised, museum work ultimately will remain unsustainable for its practitioners unless and until unheeding work intensification and unresourced expectations to overwork are radically curtailed. Continue reading →

CMA Resolves to Investigate Gender Parity & Salaries in Museum Work

September 6, 2019: Members of the Canadian Museums Association have passed a resolution at the 2019 AGM to address gender parity & salary levels in the museum profession. Continue reading →

AAM Ungovernable by Membership is Demonstrated

August 28, 2019: Low voter participation rate results in 3.4% of 37,487 eligible American Alliance of Museums voters deciding to remove Member voting rights. Continue reading →

AAM Members Must Seriously Consider Proposals to Abolish their Right to Vote

June 10, 2019: American Alliance of Museums members are urged to vote AGAINST changes to AAM governing documents proposed by the Board of Directors. Continue reading →

AAM Members to Lose Voting Rights?

May 7, 2019: This post presents concerns & questions on the American Alliance of Museums’ proposed amendments to its governing documents that will eliminate AAM member rights to vote on any AAM governance or other matters. AAM members are urged to attend very closely to all of the changes so as to be fully informed when casting their vote by the 28 June 2019 deadline. Continue reading

La misère des gardiens de notre mémoire: Guest Post by Philippe Dubé

April 12, 2019: An article cosigned by 23 distinguished university museology programme faculty at 4 Quebec universities that urges federal and provincial governments to properly finance museums that have been underfunded for decades. Important services to society including the preservation of the material and intellectual memory of our country provided by these institutions are at risk as a consequence of underfunding. Continue reading →

Canadian Museum QWL Research Proposed for CMA Toronto AGM 2019

March 22, 2019: This post justifies & presents a proposed resolution calling for the Canadian Museums Association to carry out crucial formal research on the Quality of Working Lives in Canadian museums. Continue reading →

Is it Time for Gender Pay Equity at CMA Toronto AGM 2019?

March 20, 2019: Seeking support for a resolution at the Canadian Museums Association AGM 2019 in Toronto to address egregious discriminatory pay levels for women working in museums compared to their male colleagues. Continue reading →

QWL Resolution for 2019 CMA Toronto AGM

February 27, 2019: The most comprehensive summary to date on Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers of the dire need to change persistent poor working conditions in the museum field, Continue reading →

Advancing Museum Gender Pay Equity at CMA 2019 AGM

February 22, 2019: It is long past time to fix gender pay inequity in museums. The Canadian Museums Association Museum workers Continue reading →

“Repair Work” at NCPH Conference 2019

February 20, 2019: I argue that serious attention must be paid to mending the working conditions in our sector & healing overworked & stressed employees & volunteers in the museum, library, archives, & wider public history sector. Continue reading →


Overwork Alleged at Plimoth Plantation

November 20, 2018: Museum workers’ love for our jobs puts us at risk of being exploited through unresourced expectations by employers. We can easily become “willing slaves” to our work. Continue reading →

New Decent Work Developments at ONN

November 1, 2018: A preliminary review of changes in the Ontario Nonprofit Network decent work resources. Continue reading →

Action! Required to Advance Museum Gender Pay Equity

October 16, 2018: Professional museum organisation members are encouraged to ‘kick at the darkness’ of gender pay inequity in the museum field. Continue reading →

N.B. UPDATE: AAM Constitution & Bylaws ARE Available–now!

June 20, 2018: The American Alliance of Museums now provides access to its Constitution & Bylaws on-line. Continue reading →

American Alliance of Museums’ Constitution & Bylaws Not Available to Members!

June 18, 2018: Context here, AAM Ethics, Standards, & Professional Practices / Leadership & Organizational Structure Standards / Documentation: “As evidence that good governance practices are in place and to demonstrate that the museum is meeting the Core Standards, museums should have the following documents: . . . [bullet point] Bylaws, constitution, will or other documentation under which the museum is governed.” . . . Following the above, the Ethics, Standards, & Best Practices section states: “ensure museums hold themselves accountable to their peers and their publics.” Continue reading →

Museum Worker Political Action Necessary at AAM Phoenix AGM: UPDATE I

April 20, 2018: American Alliance of Museums members are constitutionally prohibited from proposing resolutions on many matters of vital concern at AAM annual meetings. Constitutional amendments to provide expanded rights to members are recommended. Continue reading →

Museum Worker Political Action Necessary at AAM Phoenix AGM

March 26, 2018: American Alliance of Museums members attending the Annual Meeting in Phoenix are urged to present resolutions directing the AAM to present plans to address gender pay & other working conditions problems in museums. Continue reading →

Action? on Museum Workers Leaving the Field and/or Poor Pay at 2018 CMA AGM?

March 22, 2018: Encouragement for members of the Canadian Museums Association to bring resolutions aimed at solving poor pay, workers leaving the field, unsustainable overwork, & other quality of working life issues to the CMA Annual General Meeting. Continue reading →

Action? on Museum Workers Leaving the Field

January 18, 2018: Museum workers need to organise to begin the process of solving chronic poor pay & overwork issues in museum workplaces. Continue reading →

Trending Post on Critical Museology Miscellanea Blog

January 18, 2018: The most recent trending post on this blog’s companion Critical Museology Blog is titled “Get Noses Pressed up to Vitrines, … Continue reading →


Museum Workers Leaving the Field: Survey Results & Solutions

November 14, 2017: The conversation often starts with, “I love working in museums, but I don’t think I can do it anymore because … Continue reading →

Museum Workers Abandon the Field

October 24, 2017: An unusually active on-line discourse about museum workers leaving the field will have come to the attention of many followers … Continue reading →

Companion “Critical Museology Miscellanea” Blog Now Online

October 16, 2017: After a hiatus of nearly a year, your blogger Paul C. Thistle, aka fullyloadedcamel, is now again in a position … Continue reading →


Decent Work Movement: Lost Opportunity & Potential Advances

November 16, 2016: As promised in the previous post World Day for Decent Work, this reflects on the outcomes of the Ontario Nonprofit … Continue reading →

World Day for Decent Work, 7 October: Is There a “Decent Work” Deficit in Museums?

October 7, 2016: I believe strongly that there must be a sixth Key Issue Area in the ONN Draft Decent Work Charter that will address chronic underfunded expectations, overwork, stress, & the related above-noted deterioration of workers’ mental & physical health. Surely, there can be no “decent” work until we also begin to address the destructive characteristics found in museum and other nonprofit organisation workplaces. Continue reading →

New Research on Retention of Museum Workers

September 22, 2016: museum occupational stress caused high turnover rates [& may continue to do so] Continue reading →

‘Brainwriting’ Solutions to Task Saturation Session Cancelled

April 2, 2016: Dear Colleagues: The proposed alternative session ‘Brainwriting’ Solutions to Task Saturation & Stress Among Museum Practitioners proposed for the Canadian … Continue reading →

‘Brainwriting’ Solutions to Task Saturation & Stress Among Museum Practitioners

March 4, 2016: Has anyone followed the “rogue session” held at the 2015 American Alliance of Museums annual conference titled “How Do We … Continue reading →


Smartphone Carried in Your Hand, or in Your Pocket/Purse?

July 5, 2015: Because checking smartphone social media & e-mail is so addictive, research has identified a recent significant change in how smartphones … Continue reading →

Managing Expectation Inflation & Resulting Stress in Museum Work

May 15, 2015: The following post contains excerpts from a full 8,000 word article submitted, but not accepted by the American Alliance of … Continue reading →

70% Solution Resolution for Museum Workers

January 20, 2015: Among the 2015 New Year’s resolutions by American Alliance of Museums (AAM) staff: “Worry a lot less, relax a lot … Continue reading →


Museum Workers & Social Justice?

December 17, 2014: “All that is necessary for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Survival for museums … Continue reading →

HR Best Practice Exit Interview Results?‏

October 22, 2014: Dear colleagues: This question is directed to Human Resources professionals in the museum field as well as those who who … Continue reading →

Vacations ‘Empty of Work’ Essential for Task Saturated Museum Workers

October 7, 2014: vacation (n.) late 14c., “freedom from obligations, leisure, release (from some activity or occupation), . . . from Latin . … Continue reading →

Time Balance Solutions: The Role of Museum Organisations

June 11, 2014: The “Happiness, Sustainability and the Museum Professional” conference session engaged a standing room only audience at the American Alliance of … Continue reading →

Solutions! Document Updated 10 June 2014

June 10, 2014: The “Solutions! Shared Working Document” located on the Task Saturation Documents page in the Task Saturation Solutions section has recently been … Continue reading →

New Museum Worker Well-Being Web Site

May 19, 2014: Interestingly–if strangely so, among the synonyms for “well-being” my WordPerfect word processing thesaurus provides is: “Has Types: fool’s paradise.”  Of … Continue reading →

Significance of Slowing Down

March 9, 2014: The Center for the Future of Museums Blog presents a hopeful 14 January 2014 post Too Fast to Go Slow … Continue reading →


Recent Research on Museum Worker Well-Being: Are Museum Professionals Happy?

December 27, 2013: It is about time!  This is my first response to the publication of recent research addressing museum worker well-being.  The … Continue reading →

Managing Work-life Balance vs. IT

December 22, 2013: I heard an interview with Sprot School of Business Professor Linda Duxbury on the CBC Radio One programme Spark that identifies … Continue reading →

Poster Presented at National Council on Public History Conference in Ottawa, 19 April 2013

December 16, 2013: Solving Task Saturation blogger Paul Thistle presented this poster at the National Council on Public History conference in Ottawa, 19 April … Continue reading →

Documents Posted on New Background, Anyalysis, & Solutions Page

December 16, 2013: Solving Task Saturation Blog followers are advised that various documents have been & will continue to be posted on the … Continue reading →

Expectation Inflation: “DO YOUR JOB, AND THEN SOME”

January 14, 2013: I am behind on my reading. In flipping through my pile of unread American Association [now Alliance] of Museums journal … Continue reading →


Work/Life Balance: Decisive Role for Employers

November 10, 2012: Employers have a crucial role in addressing the modern work/life balance problem in light of a 2011-2012 study of 25,000 … Continue reading →

Drowining! IT Time Sink Managed With Email Charter

October 8, 2012: Following up on my previous post Smartphones & Unpaid Overtime that outlined various strategies for dealing with smartphone technology to … Continue reading →

Blog Reader Caveat

August 25, 2012: caveat > noun: a warning or proviso of specific conditions. -ORIGIN Latin, ‘let a person beware’. Controversy about blogging swirls … Continue reading →

Overloading of Entry Level Workers: Forewarned Is Forearmed

August 21, 2012: Exploitation of entry level workers by employers in all fields is a subject that arises in the media on occasion. A … Continue reading →

Switch to WordPress

August 18, 2012: Acting on a suggestion made during my American Association of Museums conference session, I started a blog focussed on identifying … Continue reading →

Smartphones & Unpaid Overtime

August 6, 2012: Smartphones simply keep you at work 24/7 according to new research. A 2012 study by California-based Good Technology (2012) found that … Continue reading →

Hello world!

August 5, 2012: Background: Lively discussion at the American Association of Museums 2012 annual conference Ideas Lounge session “Rising Expectations, Task Saturation, & Time … Continue reading →

Review of Best Book for Fully Loaded Camels

August 5, 2012: Ury, William (2007) The Power of a Positive No: How to Say No and Still Get to Yes, New York: Bantam … Continue reading →

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