Adding more than 57 long-format & well-documented articles to this Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers blog over more than 8 years now has made access to the previous posts rather difficult.

To make the entire 8 years worth of critical analysis of problematic working conditions in the museum industry more readily accessible, an annotated Index page link has been added as the last item in the menu header at the top of every blog page.

camels graphic with task saturation

This Index for the Solving Task Saturation blog posts since the outset in 2012 is organised in reverse chronological order. Access to specific subjects on the Index page that includes brief introductory annotations is best done by a keyword search using Ctrl-F. Alternatively, use the keyword search box at the top of every page in this blog. In addition, the tag cloud in the sidebar shows those post tags that have been used most often. Browsing all posts on this single Index page also is now possible.

The Previous Articles section showing a limited number under each post remains, but the month-by-month archive listing has been removed from the sidebar because it became a rather long but ineffective means of access & it certainly was not a use-friendly way to find specific earlier posts by title, keyword, or subject matter.

Your blogger Paul C. Thistle trusts that these changes will serve to increase the value & effectiveness of this resource for achieving the goal of improving museum workers’ Quality of Working Lives.