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Is it “now or never” for museum workers to initiate action on problematic museum working conditions that were “trending” a short time ago?

Be Counted

Following my previous encouragements posted on various blog platforms for museum workers to begin taking action on poor quality of working lives issues in our field, is it now time for concerned museum workers to start initiating the solutions? May I suggest that the upcoming 2018 American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo, 6-9 May in Phoenix, AZ, is an opportune time for members to instigate resolution of problematic working conditions.

The “trending” issues relating to quality of working lives issues include addressing poor pay—for all workers & especially so for women in our field—as well as unsustainable levels of overwork expected from museum workers. See the draft resolution proposal included in this blog’s 18 January 2018 post “Action? on Museum Workers Leaving the Field” (Thistle 2018).

These poor working conditions dilemmas are not going away—indeed they continue to deteriorate. Recent announcements of “re-structuring” [read as “doing more with less”] in the field (Knott 2018) duplicate difficulties identified by Sullivan (2015) for museum workers. Of course, museum workers are not alone in facing decent work deficits as identified in Dr. David Posen’s (1913) book Is Work Killing You? A Doctor’s Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress.

If readers’ own experiences at work have not yet convinced you about the need for museum workers to take action sooner than later on various working condition issues, please consult the following sources:

  • Poor pay generally & for women in particular: Baldwin (2018), American Alliance of Museums (2017), Nonprofit Quarterly (2014)
  • Workers leaving the museum field: Milldrum (2017), Erdman et al. (2017), Ocello et al. (2017)
  • Wide ranging dissatisfaction among emerging professionals: Greenberg & Pelaez (2015)
  • Overwork: Posen (2013), Sullivan (2015), Thistle (2017), Knott (2018).

In light of the above, I urge museum workers who are concerned about these issues & who plan to attend the AAM Annual General Meeting in Phoenix this year introduce one or more resolutions requesting plans of action from AAM on moving toward gender pay equity and/or investigation of current museum workers & those who have recently left the field about the quality of working lives in museums. One potential draft resolution is proposed in Action? on Museum Workers Leaving the Field (Thistle 2018) .

Sadly,  neither the AAM web site nor the pages on the MuseumExpo conference provide any details on the proper ways & means for members to get resolutions on the floor of the AGM. I have asked the conference organisers for this information & will post it here as soon as it is received.

Is it “now or never” yet?

In closing, your blogger, Paul C. Thistle, would appreciate getting reports on any resolutions put up for debate at the AAM AGM in Phoenix along with the results of votes. Please post any actions—whether successful or not—in the comments on this blog post.

Thanks for thinking about this & for taking a hand in generating necessary solutions.

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