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Has anyone followed the “rogue session” held at the 2015 American Alliance of Museums annual conference titled “How Do We Turn the Social Justice Lens Inward? A Conversation About Internal Museum Labor Practices”? If interested in this conversation, see the AAM Museum Junction Open Forum at AAM 2015 Rogue Session Internal Museum Labour Practices .

Anyone interested in a parallel Canadian conversation who plans to attend the 2016 CMA conference “Inspiring Solutions” in Halifax, 11-15 April 2016 and who is looking for solutions to chronic museum work/life balance deficits, continually increasing—yet unresourced—expectations, resulting task saturation, time poverty, overwork, over commitment, stress, burn- and drop-out may want to join a dialogue on museum working conditions in Canada.

This dialogue is about the viability of an alternative unofficial 2016 conference session focussed on inspiring solutions to the chronic problems mentioned above. The alternative session being proposed will be structured along lines similar to the above AAM “rogue session.”

Note: like the above AAM “rogue session,” this proposed alternative session that potentially might attract sufficient interest to run near-by off-site during Canada’s professional museum association conference in the capital of Nova Scotia is not one of the officially sanctioned conference programme offerings.

This alternative session proposal is titled “Brainwriting Solutions to Task Saturation & Stress Among Museum Practitioners.” This potential unofficial session is detailed on the web site alternativecma2016session.

Essentially this session is an effort to crowd source solutions by involving participants in a quiet, thoughtful process to creatively and synthetically generate museum workers’ ideas to change current work/life balance problems faced by numerous colleagues.

I encourage everyone desiring solutions to museum work task saturation and stress to check out the Brainwriting Solutions alternative session being proposed and to join in the dialogue about its viability.

Respectfully yours

Paul C. Thistle