N.B. UPDATE: AAM Constitution & Bylaws ARE Available–now!


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Hmmmmmm; passing strange.

Thanks to a link kindly supplied yesterday in a comment by a third party on my previous post, it turns out that the American Alliance of Museums now does have its February 2012 “Constitution & Bylaws” document available on its web site.

It can be found by doing a logged-in search for “Constitution.” The link for a direct download without log-in in is: https://www.aam-us.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/aam_constitution_and_bylaws_february_2012_final.pdf .

I thank the AAM for putting its nonprofit corporation governance document on-line.  Members can now start to familiarise ourselves with it & begin to exercise our existing rights effectively within our nonprofit corporation.

Sadly, for some unknown reason, my several requests to AAM staff for this information were never answered directly to me, even after the link with the apparent sometime in April 2018 upload date was posted on the AAM web site.

Next Steps:

  1. I personally plan to review this Constitution & Bylaws document for information relevant to AAM member voting rights.
  2. When time permits before the next AAM annual meeting, I will blog here about recommendations for action arising from my review.
  3. A summary of my previous recommendations follows:
    1. find out the proper procedures (currently being withheld from me by AAM) under which AAM members can exercise our AAM constitutional right to amend the AAM Constitution (perhaps in Bylaws?)
    2. initiate AAM constitutional change with a notice of motion at next year’s AAM AGM to expand AAM member voting rights to permit member resolutions to give operational direction to the AAM Board such as to be able to:
      1. persuade AAM to develop a plan with the aim of creating gender pay equity in museums (Baldwin 2018; American Alliance of Museums 2017)
      2. persuade AAM to undertake formal research on working conditions in museums to confirm or disprove the data about unsustainable overwork unreasonably expected in our field presented in this blog since 2012, anecdotal reports such as Milldrum (2017), the results of informal conference ‘rogue sessions’ like Greenberg & Pelaez (2015), the Erdman et al. (2017) survey commentary, & the Ocello et al. (2017) survey report.

Followers are more than welcome to comment here about any issues in the above document you might find relevant or other suggestions for action.

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